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US Portfolios performance
US Portfolios

Different asset allocations will give you different results in terms of annual returns and associated risks. Among endless combinations of different financial instruments with different weight percentages, I have spent months analyzing them and came up with my "palette" of portfolios. It will provide versatility of choices regardless of your financial goals, risk tolerance or any other specifics. In this "palette" I used financial instruments available to US citizens and most of the other nations, with the exception of EU citizens.

As you can see on the chart above, I have analyzed historical data of selected instruments from the last 10 years (from the beginning of 2011 till the end of 2020), assuming an initial investment of $100,000 with no annual contribution. It is clearly visible that portfolios 1-4 have consistently been "beating the market" (S&P500TR), and that portfolios 6-8 have been performing just under the market, but with considerably lower risk and volatility.

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