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Whenever you start a portfolio, you always choose a specific asset allocation. Asset allocation means what financial instruments are part of the portfolio, and in which percentages. Over time, because of the different performances of instruments, these percentages tend to differ from the initial values. Rebalancing your portfolio will always bring those percentages back to their initial values, so you can continue to have the same expectations from your portfolio.


Whether your portfolio has become more aggressive or more conservative, rebalancing means that you will have to sell some shares of the instruments that were performing good, and then buy some shares of the instruments that were performing bad. To calculate the numbers of shares to sell and buy may not be a problem for a math enthusiast, but for an average person it can be a challenge. I am offering this calculation service based on your current portfolio asset allocation percentages and your initial or desired percentages.

I am offering this service mostly for my existing customers that bought one of my pre-made or custom-made portfolios, but others are also welcome, if they already know their portfolio "ingredients" and desired asset allocations.

How to purchase:

If you are interested in this particular service, please send payment via PayPal to in the amount of $99.00. As soon as I get the payment, I will contact you to collect information necessary for me to perform the calculations for you. When the calculations are done, you will get the results: the names of the financial instruments, as well as the numbers of shares to buy and sell.

Once you have those numbers, you will be able to either execute those trades yourself online, or give them to your broker to execute.

Purchase the rebalancing calculations for your portfolio for $99.00 by clicking on the button below:

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