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PF8-US performance

For conservative investors I have prepared my PF8-US portfolio. It is represented with the blue line on the above chart, in comparison with the market (S&P500TR - black line), and the well-known conservative ASP portfolio (grey line).


Portfolio PF8-US has a specific asset allocation that enables it to provide moderate annual returns. As you can see on the chart above, during the last 10 years this portfolio has been performing just below the market (S&P500TR). Please note that it had experienced less volatility than the market - this is caused by the presence of US bonds in the "mix".

This particular portfolio has performed the last 10 years with average annual return of 12.08%.

Once you have opened and funded your brokerage account, and are still not certain what to do, which ETFs to buy and in what amounts, I can help you out with that.


How to purchase:

If you are interested in this particular portfolio, please send payment via PayPal to in the amount of $199.00. As soon as I get the payment, I will send you a questionnaire to collect information necessary for me to perform the calculations for you. When the calculations are done, you will get the results: the names of the financial instruments, as well as the numbers of shares to buy.

Once you have those numbers, you will be able to either execute those trades yourself online, or give them to your broker to execute.

Purchase this portfolio calculations for $199.00 by clicking on the button below:

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